Back to Back Racking Systems

Back to Back Racking Systems, is the most common used warehouse storage system enabling to store all kinds of products. Hooked beam design allows easily adjusting of the level heights. Within the system pallet storage and order picking can be done with the same construction. The layout and height of the racking system is determined by; the products to be stored, the warehouse space and the forklifts to be used. This system is abla to adapt to wide range of products an changing product weights. It’s the most frequently used racking system in every business and warehouses having wide range of products. Different storages types can be created by installing travers to the vertical carriers, thus getting the possibility to rebuild the racking system whenever required. Benefits; Direct access to each pallet Flexibility according to weight and size of items to be stored Possibility to use the same shelf for storage and order picking Wide range of accessories
Back to Back Racking Systems
  • Back to Back Racking Systems


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