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Established in the year 2008 in Eskisehir KAS Metal Electronic Co.Ltd. products up to date with the investments that have been made during the period from the date of its establishment was to increase the quality and diversity. When installed Estap companies operating as required by today's Cabinet suppliers nominal customer portfolio continues to both personnel and machinery strong infrastructure activities. Kas metal began as a family company operating the electronic and today has reached the point where corporate identity is committed to pass a corporate structure. Kas Metal electronically in need within the country and abroad by providing continuous development and improvement, thus saving without compromising quality is committed to being a brand in manufacturing hair. Kas Metal Electronic meet continuously varying customer demands and continue to increase customer satisfaction. Kas Metal Electronics company to be one of the new investment to the full force of the global-scale firms will continue to work on the new products and new markets.
Our company is Turkish firm which is established in 2011. It’s been active across Turkey with aim of being an innovator and leader firm with the honest and credible trade policy and high technology and professional staff it is still going on its business actives.
Our company started its activities in Istanbul Rami in 1992, with the latest technology machines with the developing technology then moved to Istanbul Ikitelli Organize San. in 2011 from its 1.800 m2 factory to Zonguldak Caycuma factory with 5000 m2 closed and 20.000 m2 open area. It still continues production here. Our head office is located in Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone at Tormak Industrial Site. You can reach our company and the products we produce from our site, you can have an idea about our productions by seeing the product photos. In our company we manufacture electrical panels, machine hoods, machine boards and all kinds of special production sheet panels cutting, bending, welding works and electrostatic powder coating furnace using a wide range of paints of products are also painting.
VAT ELECTRIC design stage setup, provisioning and operation up to the stage to support the industries making equipment and process evaluation. Available in all product groups, in line with emerging n
Rovenma Electronics Corp is an innovative technology company that adopts sustainable technological progress. With our experienced multidisciplinary team, we continuously monitor our responsibilities towards domestic and national technologies. We develop IT, software, electronics and defense technologies with our basic electronic design skills. We present this information blend to physical world via our innovative methods and mechanical design capabilities. Not only a smooth-running product but also its performance, quality, reliability, price and safety are our most important structural principles. Our most important responsibility is to provide all kind of support to our customers during the life-cycle of our product. Rovenma is one and only smart locker producer in Turkey and the main smart parcel locker provider for the Turkish Post (PTT) with 400 units sold since 2016. Rovenma stands out as an innovative company focused on all aspects of smart locker systems from industrial design to system installation services. As an RD and producer company, our team of 26 multidisciplinary engineers and 40 production workers are always doing their best to provide the most reliable smart parcel locker. All smart lockers are truly intelligent lockers that are equipped with more than 300 sensors to detect movement, parcels, heat, lock positions, electricity usage and part operations. More than 80 electronic controllers are in perpetual communication within a smart parcel locker making everything work flawlessly. These advanced features make the smart parcel lockers reliable and makes it possible to detect failures before they happen or before even the customer experiences a problem. Rovenma is mainly providing solutions to the logistics sector via Smart Parcel Lockers. They are able to deliver and accept parcels 24/7 in a safe and effective manner. Smart Parcel Lockers are designed to be operated indoor or outdoor and are linked to other parcel lockers and Rovenma servers via DSL, Fiber, 3G, 4 G and / or Wi-Fi. The modular design and various module types make it suitable for any location. It can even fit inside elevators and can be carried easily to upper floors. The parcel locker capacity and the dimensions can be re-engineered according to customer needs. The R&D team of Rovenma has the following capabilities: High Speed PCB Design Embedded Software Design FPGA/ASIC Digital Design Numerical Analysis PC Software Development Server Software Development Mobile Software Development Cloud Computing Industrial Design Mechanical Design Mechanical Analysis
INKOL has started its production adventure in Izmir in 2007 and continues its production in its modern facilities with 2500 m2 closed area which is currently in ITOB organized industry. Adopting high quality production at international standards, Inkol has adopted the principle of responding to the demands of the customers with its understanding of customer satisfaction. INKOL PANO, observing the deficiency of panel production in the developing electricity and automation sector and the demand is met by imports, was activated in the year 2007 in Izmir. INKOL PANO who knows the importance of domestic production for the national economy, started to announce its name rapidly in the sector by adding new products to its product range and raising its production standard. By producing wall type, vertical type, pult type and computer cabins applicable to low voltage equipments, it addresses a fairly broad area like energy distribution and management centers, factories and production areas, metallurgy and mining, airports, marinas, clever buildings, shopping malls. Its main objective is to be a solution partner to the firms who make applications in electricity and automation sector, to mmake exports by passing to modular enclosure manufacturing. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: Although INKOL PANO has newly entered the sector, it has achieveg to present 110 differnt designs to the market in a short time due to the importance it has given to Research and Development. We will also continue to add the new products observed to be missing at the consequence of the market researches we have made to our portfolio. It is closely monitoring the technology with the CNC Punch, conveyor paint furnace line, CNC hydraulic press, liquid seal pouring machine, hydraulic guillotine shears, eccentric presses, powder paint facility, phosphate facility, undergas welding, rivet center machine, insulation test instrument, grounding megger and multimeters. LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURES: Wall Type Enclosures: Yelken and Vira Series Standıng Type Enclosures : Sancak and Pusula Series Pult Type Enclosures : Pupa Series PC Cabins : Rota (Route) Series INKOL PANO who names itsenclosures by nautical terms, directed its route towards overseas with its high quality and meticulous work. GENERAL PRODUCT PROPERTIES: The vertical and Pult type enclosures and PC Cabins are produced as the frame and the front door being 2 mm, side, top and back iron sheets 1,5 mm and with poliurethane cast seal. And in the wall type enclosures, the sheet iron thicknesses vary between 1,2 and 1,5 mm according to their dimensions. The assembly plates are manufactured of galvanized sheet steel, and in covers and doors, DKP steel sheets are used. Since they are pre-painting surface processed and subjected to chemical protection, they show high resistance against corrosion. The entirety of our products are electrostatic powder painted. The color of our Standard products is Ral 7035. In the standıng types, the lock mechanism operates in a way to apply pressure from three points. Alsao, since poliurethane sealing technique which is the final point technology has reached, all our products are under protection against low and high pressure coming from all angles. In IP Protection Class; we are making production with 65 protection in Yelken Series , 6